power & water

UMS provide quality Australian made power and water service pedestals supplied by MTECH Australia. These services allow for power and water directly available from your floating UMS jetty. We have partnered with MTECH Australia due to their superior quality and longevity against the elements. View models below or contact us for more information.



The Sterling Pedestal brings together creative design and the engineering capability to provide a versatile marina service pedestal that can be installed in numerous locations.

It’s unique slimline design and versatility places this pedestal at the forefront of the marina services industry, making it a popular choice for marina developers, operators and the private sector. It is ideally located on marinas, quay side developments, access walkways, boat yards, dry stack areas and is ideal for private home berths.



The Platinum Pedestal is chosen by marinas worldwide for its ability to provide enhanced utility services, while still maintaining a modern and precise engineered design.

Manufactured from 5 ½”mm dense aluminium, anodised to 25 microns, the Platinum Pedestal far exceeds the marine standard of 15 microns.  Designed to meet the ever increasing demand for larger supplies of utility services, it has been revolutionary in the natural progression of the modern day marina service pedestal.  It can be installed on floating pontoons, fixed pontoons, breakwaters, quay side developments, boat yards and dry stack areas.  It’s mounting base design allows for multi service entry and along with the pedestal service access panels, making installation effortless.



The XL Pedestal was designed and created with strength and durability in mind and continues to be the service pedestal of choice for many of today’s modern marinas.

Manufactured using marine grade aluminium, stainless steel and UV resistant materials, the XL transforms into a pedestal that will continue to provide a marina with a sustained supply of utility services over many years. The XL Pedestal can be installed on floating pontoons, fixed pontoons, breakwaters, quay side developments, boat yards and dry stack areas. The design of the XL mounting base allows for multi service entry, therefore making installation effortless.



The Multi Service Pedestal (MSP) is the latest addition to the M-Tech Marina service pedestal range.

The MSP is manufactured with a high density polyethylene internal chassis,  its quick release external shell is CNC machined from 3mm thick aluminium composite. The combination of these two materials provides a pedestal that is non-corrosive with maximum strength capabilities, ideally suited to marine applications in any climate. The MSP is completed with a lighting diffuser and lid and carries a standard 5 year warranty.